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Interview tips

We, most Myanmar job seekers may not have much experience in proper interviews so here we like to share a few interview tips for job seekers as well as some employers.
Okay, first thing first!
1. Just be yourself
For me, the safest advice is to just be yourself. It’s probably the only thing you’re ever going to be able to do perfectly. The other key thing to remember is that when you tell the truth, you never have to remember anything.
One thing to be aware tho, being yourself isn’t always going to work for you. For example, telling the interviewer you’re a big fan of destiny films can wait until they’ve made you a job offer.

2. Arriving Time
Okay, another thing is, when should I arrive? Should I arrive earlier to my interview?
Arriving too late: You haven’t learnt to tell the time yet. (Not so good ..!)

Arriving too early: You’ve got nothing better to do.
Do you think interviewers will be happy with excuses ..?

3.Wearing inappropriate clothing
It is depending on the job you’re going for, so you better try asking someone who works in the same industry. If you’re still not sure. you can wear formal simple dress.

4. Answering your mobile during the interview
You’re time is more important to you than the interviewer’s. While this is probably true, the best time to affirm this is a few months later when you’re asked to work late on a Friday night. So, please do avoid. Best switch off or silent your mobile phone before your interview.

5. Lying about your skills/experience/knowledge
This includes big lies like falsifying your work history but also smaller lies like claiming to have experience in an area that you don’t. It’s very easy for your interviewer to catch you out with a few follow-up questions.

6. Failing to research the employer in advance
You’ve already got a job that you’re reasonably happy with and the interviewer should be researching you rather than the other way round.
Some interviewers ask like ‘Do you know anything about our business?”Do you know what we do?’

7. Failing to make eye contact
You think the interviewer is ugly!! Show your interest!

8. Letting your nerves get the better of you
This is probably the most difficult mistake to avoid. Interviews make everyone a bit anxious, but there are techniques you can learn to keep those nerves in check.

9. Not asking any questions
Asking a few questions towards the end of the interview shows you’re confident, thoughtful and are seriously interested in the position. If you’re not sure what to ask, some good fall-back options include asking what kind of training opportunities the employer offers, what career opportunities are available etc.

Hope it helps and good luck with your job hunting!


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