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Fantastic graduate jobs

Here are little advice for graduate jobs and some examples of people with fantastic graduate jobs to get you thinking!

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PR and marketing assistant

Getting a job in the ultra-competitive world of PR can be tough going, but for the fortunate who manage to land them as a first job, it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Expect each day to be different, to work long hours but also to have a lot of fun. With so many different avenues of PR to work in, you could also tailor your interests around your work.

Need some work experience? While you’re at university, look for placements at PR firms that could stand you in good stead once you graduate.

Graphic design assistant

If you are interested to spend your days helping to design marketing materials for a wide range of companies as part of your job for a digital or print design agency, Graphic design assistant position can be a good start!

Here’s our advice: Keep your online portfolio updated while studying for your degree or diploma. It’s a good way to showcase your work and proves you can work in a variety of disciplines, which is essential for modern designers.

Editorial assistant

Is working with words has always been the dream of you?

After completing a degree in Literature or something related, you shall work experience stints at various publications, including newspapers, medias to show off your employability on your CV.

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